Natural extract for alleviating aluminium salt toxicity
Did you know that the oldest living tree on Earth is Ginkgo biloba ? This legendary tree has survived many disasters over the centuries, including...
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Dihydromyricetin: a flavonoid to counter the harmful...

The summer months bring many opportunities to share a glass of wine with family and friends. But if alcohol abuse is known to be harmful...
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Omega-3 and vitamin E may offer hope...

The figures make for alarming reading. Over the last 50 years, there has been a decline of almost 50% in the quality of human sperm,...
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Lack of vitamin K associated with enlarged...

Scientists have discovered that vitamin K1, high levels of which are found in green vegetables, helps to maintain the size of the left ventricle of...
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Seniors: focus on protein to stay in...

As we get older, we often experience a decrease in our muscle strength, a phenomenon which in 2009 was attributed by scientists to a loss...
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Sport: the cardio-respiratory benefits of astaxanthin

Whether you’re a professional or amateur sportsperson, this article should be of interest to you. A study published in the specialist journal Medicine & Science...
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