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Hormone health


Natural progesterone cream, the safest, most effective way of taking progesterone

Progesterone plays an essential role at all stages of a woman’s life. Supplementing with natural progesterone - bioidentical to that produced by the body – offers multiple health benefits, particularly around the time of the menopause. And it is actually important for men’s health too … Natural progesterone is extracted...
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Dietary supplements that beat persistent food cravings

Food cravings affect those trying to lose weight just as they do stable-weight individuals. Finding a lasting solution to these sudden ‘snack attacks’ requires a multi-pronged approach. People gain weight for many reasons – there are those who overeat at mealtimes, those whose portion sizes are normal but who eat...
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The best strategy for combatting hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism or thyroid insufficiency particularly affects women, and incidence is known to increase with age. It is characterised by an inability to produce or release enough T4 (thyroxine or tetraiodothyronine) and active T3 (triiodothyronine) thyroid hormones. Even though T4 is the most abundant of these in the blood, it is...
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Scientists call for iodine supplementation for all pregnant women and nursing mothers

It’s finally happened! A group of British scientists have publicly come out in favour of universal iodine supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 1 ”common problem” which leads to “delayed development in children” . What convinced these scientists of the need for such iodine supplementation? Quite simply, they studied the data...
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Natural cosmetic surgery

It is often said that ‘bad genes’ or over-eating are responsible for the tendency some people have to store fat. However, a number of scientific studies show that poor hormonal balance is associated with hypertrophy of adipocytes in various areas of the body. In the past, the possibility of targeted...
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