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Carob: natural benefits for staying in shape

carob Summer can be a tempting time calorie-wise. Ice-creams, sugary drinks, cocktails, appetizers … all these tend to push up our calorie intake over the summer period, but the good news is there are ways of controlling weight and preventing weight gain. A natural product with a powerful appetite-suppressant effect is: carob extract. The benefits of this fruit have been the subject of a several scientific studies, the results of which have been published in the Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences1 and the International Journal of Molecular Sciences2. The conclusions were unanimous: carob extract offers numerous benefits for keeping in trim. Read on to find out more about the active principles and virtues of this natural slimming product.

A fruit with a high soluble fibre content

From the tree of the same name, carob is a pod-like fruit which contains a number of vegetable fibres such as galactomannan. This fibre is found in carob seeds in particular, and has the distinction of being both soluble and composed of mannose and galactose. Its specific structure makes it possible to obtain a gum and it is this carob gum which is attracting increasing scientific interest. Some scientists are concentrating on its powerful antioxidant potential to protect the body, while others are focusing on the ability of its high galactomannan content to prevent weight gain.

Carob gum for prolonging the feeling of satiety

Carob gum has attracted the interest of the scientific community as a result of its high soluble fibre content and potential to curb the appetite. According to researchers, this gum is able to gel in the body, delaying the absorption of nutrients, which prolongs the satiety effect and thus curbs the appetite. This gives it a powerful hunger-suppressing effect which helps control calorie intake and prevent weight gain.

Active principles to counter hyperlipidaemia

Alongside appetite-curbing soluble fibre, carob also contains insoluble fibre in the form of polyphenols and cyclitols. Studies suggest these compounds have a beneficial effect on the lipid profile. Supplementing with polyphenols from carob extract was shown to reduce total cholesterol levels in individuals with hyperlipidaemia. Decreases in ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol were also observed.

Positive results against the effects of diabetes

Carob supplementation has also revealed promising results against the effects of diabetes. Carob gum appears to delay the arrival of sugar in the bloodstream, while other findings suggest that one of carob’s natural active principles, pinnitol, has an insulin-like effect, helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Further research is expected to expand on these preliminary findings.

It thus seems clear that carob gum offers numerous benefits for human health – and these benefits can now be obtained from the supplement CSAT® which is formulated from 60% carob extract and 40% gum. This patented formulation offers an optimal concentration in galactomannan, the appetite-curbing effects of which are now well-established.

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1. Marita Dionísio, Ana Grenha, Locust bean gum: Exploring its potential for biopharmaceutical applications, J Pharm Bioallied Sci. 2012 Jul-Sep; 4(3): 175–185.
2. Vlasios Goulas et al., Functional Components of Carob Fruit: Linking the Chemical and Biological Space, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17(11), 1875.
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Carob extract for controlling the desire to snack

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