Nettle root can relieve inflammation of the prostate
It had long been thought that nettles existed merely to deliver a painful sting to anyone who got too close to them. Fortunately however, such...
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Twenty minutes’ contact with nature is all...

That was the finding of a recent study (1) conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan. Communing with nature for just 20-30 minutes is...
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The importance of iron in reducing the...

Ensuring a good intake of iron may be even more critical than we thought. While this trace element is recognised as being essential to good...
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Obesity: a beneficial combination of anthocyanins and...

Scientists have made a major discovery in the fight against obesity and its harmful effects. Published in 2017 in the prestigious FASEB Journal 1 ,...
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Can ashwagandha improve your sleep?

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania Somnifera or ‘Indian ginseng’, is one of a select group of ‘superfoods’ that also includes acai, goji berries, spirulina …...
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Sport: nutrients to promote muscle recovery

Whether you’re an amateur or professional sportsperson, you’ve probably wondered how you could improve your post-exercise recovery. In fact, this is an issue which has...
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