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SAMe, good for depression, arthritis and liver disease

In a review of published studies on S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe), the American Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) concluded that SAMe was effective at treating depression, arthritis and liver disease, particularly in cases where no other treatment had proved successful. SAMe was first discovered in Italy in 1952 but...
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Suffering from seasonal affective disorder? Natural solutions

If you recognise at least three of the following symptoms and you’ve noticed that they always appear at the same time of year (from October to December), you’re probably suffering from seasonal affective disorder: -Persistent low mood, particularly noticeable on waking. -Loss of pleasure in activities you normally find enjoyable....
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Prone to winter blues? Looking for natural solutions?

During this period between the end of winter and the arrival of spring, many people find themselves suffering from low mood and generalised anxiety. Work and family pressures, combined with the demands of everyday life, can significantly disrupt emotional equilibrium. Our bodies can feel overwhelmed and unprotected. At this time...
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SAMe involved in multiple biochemical processes

S-adenosyl-methionine or SAMe is a natural compound found in every cell in the human body. It is involved in numerous biochemical processes, its main function being that of a methyl group donor. A large number of studies suggest that SAMe nutritional supplements constitute a reliable and effective way of treating...
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Tryptophan makes a welcome comeback

L-tryptophan is one of eight essential amino acids in the human diet. It is the metabolic precursor of serotonin, melatonin and niacin. It was discovered in 1901 by Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins who also demonstrated its vital importance to human health. L-tryptophan is used for treating depression, promoting sleep and...
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