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Anti-baldness drug increases risk of suicide

According to the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines, finasteride, a substance that stems hair loss and facilitates regrowth, may promote mood swings, depression and even suicidal thoughts. In a statement published on 26 October, it actually called for anyone with suspicious psychiatric symptoms to “ immediately stop...
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Dietary supplements that beat persistent food cravings

Food cravings affect those trying to lose weight just as they do stable-weight individuals. Finding a lasting solution to these sudden ‘snack attacks’ requires a multi-pronged approach. People gain weight for many reasons – there are those who overeat at mealtimes, those whose portion sizes are normal but who eat...
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Nutrients for healthy, beautiful hair and nails

Our general health is often reflected in the condition of our hair and nails: as we grow older, they become thinner and more brittle and the rate of hair growth and renewal slows down. Age weakens the hair and makes the hair shaft more vulnerable to over-handling. Disease, fatigue and...
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