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Cancer: the ubiquitous substances emerging as key drivers

A new European research body has been sounding alarm bells: fertility is continuing to fall dramatically . For 50 years, sperm concentration has been dropping at the alarming rate of almost 2% a year, that’s a cumulative decline of nearly 50% (1) within half a century. What’s more, incidence of...
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13 simple and effective measures which could prevent 4 out of 10 cancers

More than 5 million cases of cancer could be prevented each year by adopting 13 simple and effective measures, according to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer . According to the study’s authors, these measures should be promoted as part of public health policy to drastically reduce...
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Cancer therapies: berries increase treatment efficacy

Everyone knows someone who has had to undergo radiotherapy. For 200,000 cancer victims each year, it becomes part of their daily life, with varying degrees of success: it’s estimated that around 40% of cancers are cured by this form of treatment, whether used alone or in conjunction with other therapies....
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AHCC: the story of a Japanese mushroom that stimulates the immune system's 'sentinels'

Long before the advent of medicines, humans treated their health problems using properties present in living organisms; certain mushrooms, for example, were used to boost the immune defences. Thousands of years later, science is validating our forebears’ methods and empirical knowledge: today’s studies show that mushrooms, particularly the shiitake variety,...
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Activate your anti-cancer genes

Studies on mice have shown that activating certain genes may prolong their life expectancy by 45%. The genes thought to be responsible for this extension in lifespan are present - and play identical roles - in humans too. Which means that, under certain conditions, humans could live to be almost...
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