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Natural remedies for relieving heavy leg syndrome

Although summertime may be conducive to rest and relaxation, the hot weather can significantly exacerbate the sensation of heavy legs. When temperatures start to rise, it’s not uncommon to experience swollen ankles and a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs. This unpleasant sensation tends to be worse at the...
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Sweet clover extract beneficial for oedema and lymphoedema

Standardised sweet clover extract is effective at relieving symptoms associated with lymphoedema and chronic venous insufficiency. Its main component, coumarin - a benzopyrone - is responsible for its anti-oedema effect. Since 1960, studies have demonstrated sweet clover extract’s benefits for patients suffering from venous insufficiency, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, haemorrhoids, and...
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Taxifolin: an important role in capillary health

Almost 600 studies - the majority conducted in Russia - have been published on the effects of taxifolin, a powerful flavonoid extracted from Siberian larch. They have shown that taxifolin protects cell membranes, improves capillary activity and blood microcirculation throughout the body and normalises metabolism at a cellular level. It...
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How plants can help with heavy leg syndrome

As soon as the hot weather arrives, so too do swollen legs and ankles, along with aches and pains which only get worse as day turns to evening. These symptoms of poor venous return can be very debilitating but fortunately, there are a number of natural plant extracts that are...
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Venous insufficiency, a chronic, progressive disease

30% of the population suffer from venous insufficiency – four times as many women as men. To prevent this chronic, progressive disease from getting worse, it is important to take action from the moment symptoms appear. Diet, and in particular, nutritional supplements with plant extracts such as horse chestnut, grape...
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